Wildlife Guardians was established in late 2011 through the generous support of The Woodtiger Fund. Concerned about the growing plight of Africa's large carnivores, The Woodtiger Fund recognized that the conservation of large cats and other predators is dependent upon community involvement in the development and implementation of solutions that address conflicts with wildlife. The Fund also recognized that funding for conservation in Africa has traditionally been directed to only a portion of the continent's endangered wildlife, including only some of even the charismatic mega-fauna. Comparatively goes for conservation of the apex predators, which are vital to maintaining healthy, functional ecosystems.

With the help of The Woodtiger Fund grant, Wildlife Guardians is now working to expand its involvement with efforts to save apex predators, in order to provide a truly effective response to rapidly growing threats to imperiled major predators across Africa. We remain especially concerned about the escalating loss of that continent's major predator, the lion. We will escalate our help for these big cats and their habitats, rescuing these wild predators so they can continue to play their commanding ecological and evolutionary roles. Through such activities, Wildlife Guardians will help protect the species, ecosystems, and natural habitats that comprise our planet's biodiversity, upon which all life ultimately depends.